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Since 2003, the Gusswerk in Salzburg is our beloved headquarters. On more than 2,000 square meters (21,528 sq. ft.) and 2 open levels, our team passionately works on breath-taking and holistically-conceived digital projects across the various disciplines. A creative environment that promotes innovation and holistic thinking.

We know very well that: A creative workplace is the foundation for great communication and collaboration. In our case, that's the Gusswerk. Our unique headquarters can look back on a colorful, more than 100-year-old history. Once a foundry for church bells, creative - albeit analogous - works of arts were cast and forged here for decades. Work that was done with equally ardent zeal and passion ... and red-hot 2,400-degree steel! We are proud of our Gusswerk, because it's more than just an office. It's our creative think tank.

360° Panorama

Office Tour

Experience it yourself and have a look around our unique office. 2 halls and several levels make our office a place for open communication, passionate creativity and practiced teamwork.

Backbone of digital experiences


Two halls, a room height of 18 meters (59 ft.), 2,000 m² (21,528 sq. ft.) of creative office space, an open-air atrium, a cozy fire room and two swings to hang out on - our award-winning office is truly something special. Its extraordinary architecture makes it perfect for open collaboration and cross-divisional work in agile teams. A space for exceptional achievements for more than 100 years and our home since 2013.

openness & collaboration

Open office

Open but quiet. Together but always focused. We live and love openness and collaboration across disciplines and competencies. It's the foundation for developing extraordinary digital projects. Communication at all levels and a palpable innovative force pervade our office. No wonder: because our office is home to a 120+ crew of specialists who – frankly speaking – are exceptionally talented.

Where the future arises

Office Hagenberg

Upper austria

Our second home

Since April 2017, our digital heart no longer beats just in Salzburg but also at the innovation location Hagenberg - directly on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria. And we feel right at home amidst this vibrant hub for talents.

Even though our office in Hagenberg can't quite keep up with our headquarters in terms of its size, it offers an equally high networking factor. On-site, we have everything employees could possibly wish for. We've won several awards for best employer and, of course, we transfer this spirit to Upper Austria as well. 

Promote talents


Our location at the Softwarepark Hagenberg creates more than just synergies. New possibilities arise when it comes to the 360-degree approach: working, living, studying. The immediate proximity to the campus makes it possible for students - after completing their internship with us - to easily combine work and studies, continuing their personal and professional development.